A Sprint Triathlon is a great way to get into shape and lose a couple of pounds in the process. Before you start to train for a Sprint Triathlon, identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can concentrate more on specific areas.
You will need to do some weight training exercises to build up your strength before starting your other training as it provides a fitness foundation for you. For example, if you are a good runner but an average swimmer then you can focus on this area.
Train by going for a 15 minute run in which you walk for one minute and sprint in the next minute.

Many people regularly part in Sprint Triathlons as the training and competition are the perfect way to get your body toned and your physical fitness to peak levels. Remember to be honest with yourself and properly list down the areas in which you feel need some extra training. Keep your training schedule fixed so that your body gets used to running every third day of the week or swimming every second day. You will want to start off with 16x25m as you alternate between the three swimming training techniques.
This will definitely increase your endurance so that you can face the challenges of a triathlon.

Using some proper guidelines and a lot of hard work, you can train for a Sprint Triathlon in an effective way.

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