As we pursue freedom from the entanglements of sin, here are a few practical, plain-folk strategies that can help us get there.
The simplest way to live free from the bondage of sin is to fill your mind with every form of goodness, truth and beauty. Sleep is an important factor in sin avoidance, but tiring yourself out may be just as effective. This is a great list that looks at the issue of habitual sin holistically and in a different way than I've heard before.
Those are nice, but he neglects to mention the REAL key to ending habitual sin: Christ's victory over ALL sin. There are certain sins that seem to grab hold of us, dig in 9-inch nails and hold on for dear life no matter how much we twist and turn.
God expects those who truly believe in Him to overcome sin—even persistent, habitual sin.
Just as the habitual sin was so persistent in our lives, the replacement behaviors for that perpetual sin should be just as consistent once we have gotten control of the problem.
Talk with our human accountability partner to discuss what went wrong and how to avoid it next time.

This entry was posted in Christian, Church of Christ and tagged how to overcome addiction, overcome addiction with Christ, overcome addiction with God, verses about addiction, verses about overcoming addiction, verses about overcoming sin, verses about stopping addiction, verses about stopping bad habits. But then you hit a rough spot, a weak point, and you find yourself stuck in a cycle of swearing off your habitual sin forever only to fall back into it.
Rather than seeing sin eradication as a series of don’ts and self-inflicted hand slaps, our time and energy is better spent, and more effective, when we focus on what we can do. And when it comes to avoiding sin, sometimes, the most spiritual thing to do is take a nap. As you will probably tell your grandchildren someday—wagging your finger and pounding your cane on the floor, “Idle hands are the devil’s 3-D printer!” Ask yourself when you fall back into habitual sin the most, and don’t be surprised to find it is in moments of unmanaged free time.
These are the persistent, habitual sins that we are ashamed of and try to keep secret from others, even our closest loved ones. This applies to sins that continually rear their heads time and time again even after we repent. The secretive and shameful aspect of unresolved habitual sin perhaps has made prayer difficult or even embarrassing. This is the kind of accountability partner we want to find: someone who is rooting for us without enabling us to sin.

Diligently study the Bible for instruction on overcoming and avoiding this sin in the future.
But YOU have conquered all sins, all of MY sins for me and I know you have victory waiting for me. Yet with sins that have truly become bad habits, compared to sins that are truly accidental, some extra determination and sacrifice must be involved.
But first, we have to stop fixating on our sin itself, and start fixing our eyes on Christ who gives us strength. As long as the mind and body are occupied with an approved task, they are less likely to dwell on and commit sins.
He is our most valuable accountability partner because He is fully able to help us overcome our sin, and He fully understands our human weakness.

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