I wanted to write this post as a timely reminder that all you need to do is to implement a few specific strategies that will help you stick to your goals, remain motivated and ensure you achieve them. At the start of the New Year most people take the opportunity to set themselves a New Year’s resolution or set some goals for the next 12 months. Most people start out with good intent to achieve their goals for the year, but we have all felt what I like to call the ‘third-week dip’ where the motivation starts to drift, other priorities start creeping in and the accountability for your goal gets lost. The good thing is, there are some key principles that, based on scientific research have proven to help individuals in actually attaining their goals. A study conducted in 2008 at Dominican University concluded that those who wrote down their goals accomplished significantly more than those who did not write their goals. Take Action Now: If you haven’t yet physically written your goals down, spend 10 minutes now writing your goals onto something that you can refer to regularly (I write my goals in a word or excel file).
Take Action Now: Looking over your goals for the year, use the ‘5 Whys’ technique to truly understand what is driving you move towards that goal. For example, I have a goal of turning The Start of Happiness into an income-producing website.
I have a strategy in place for when and how I write my posts to make it relevant for you as a reader (eg types of posts planned for the year and when. I also have a strategy for maintaining my motivation when I start to feel it drift (I read more broadly on success stories in online business). Take Action Now: Spend 10 minutes developing your strategies to create the right environment for your to achieve your goals. Goals are fantastic but without a clear, actionable plan for making them come alive they are simply a dream. Creating a specific action plan to help progress you towards your goals is like having a map to be able to find the treasure.
A common mistake that many people make is to not break down their goals into smaller, ‘bite-sized actions’ that can help you stay focused and motivated. Over time, these bite-sized actions lead to huge amounts of change dramatically improving your chances of reaching your goal. For example your goal may be “I will lose 20kg of weight by the 31st December” or “I have lost 20kg of weight by the 31st December”. Take Action Now: Read over your goals and ensure they are framed in a way in which you have achieved them.

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The goals I always end up achieving are those that come from the heart instead of the head.
I do believe in the fact that if you shoot for the moon, you’ll most likely still reach the top of the flag pole which is an awesome result! On the other hand, as James says, in my opinion you still need to believe that you can actually achieve that goal.
But here’s what I think you must do BEFORE you even begin the goal setting process if you want to manifest your new goals more quickly. Most people wonder why they don’t reach goals when really it’s just a matter of making room to receive what you’re calling in. You must first clear the clutter in your life, your closets, your mind, your finances and your business. Next, think about the problems or challenges you face that have kept you from getting where you want to be in your life and your business. I recently started a clear the clutter campaign in my own life (which I do each year at this time).
Clearing the clutter BEFORE you set your new goals will help you manifest what you want more quickly, and with greater ease. At this point in time you’re probably starting to forget what your new years resolutions were, what your goals were for the year or you might be starting to lose your motivation for achieving them. When we have our goal only in our thoughts, we are not setting ourselves to be accountable for what we want to achieve. The ‘why’ creates the determination, motivation and the persistence to actually make it a reality.
It already is but I’d like to scale this further so I can continue to make it a bigger part of my life. A good example is this post now, 4 weeks into the new year when you might be starting to feel a lack of motivation in achieving your goals). They can be as simple as ‘join the XX community forum’, ‘have a coffee once a month with an inspiring person’ or ‘rewrite my goals daily’.

It provides you clear direction as to where you need to go as well as how you are going to get there. As the bite-sized actions are smaller in size and closer in time, it can help keep your motivation and energy levels high as it is more realistic that you can actually achieve these goals. Studies have shown that stretching goals lead to higher performance, however overstretching goals can lead to demotivation and a lack of progress. A good thing to note when setting goals is to frame them in a way that you already have achieved them or that you will achieve them without a doubt. It’s really important to follow these tips to achieve your goals, at least some of them!
Belief is one of the big ones, I am so close to the initial goal I have set and work every day on letting go of what is stopping me from believing I can achieve it and finding ways to move forward consistently!
That’s because clearing the clutter in your life raises your energetic vibration and when your energetic vibration is elevated, your creative mind can go to work on creating the reality you want for your life and your business.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. We may not necessarily be setting ourselves a specific timeframe and we can lose track of what the original goal actually was as our thoughts change over time.
This provides the driving force behind actually making you take action to see your goal come alive.
Setting goals then creates a focused intention of what you want to call in to fill the vacuum. If you have a lot of unfinished business in any area of your life that’s like having stuck energy. When you set goals without first clearing the clutter, you’re calling in something new but there is no room to receive it. The funny thing is, with each outrageous goal I strive towards, the closer I actually get to accomplishing it.
By asking yourself why over and over again you can drill down to what is the higher purpose or real meaning for you wanting to achieve something.

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