Near the end of a month, I try to fill out as much of the chart on Word as I can for the NEXT month after I receive any bill statements in the mail or online. One of my favorite things to do at home in my spare time (other than organizing) is to make DIY beauty products!
From the menu bar, go to 'Insert' --> 'Table' and create a table that is 5 columns by x rows (However many bills you have).

The chart is organized into 5 columns and however many rows are needed to include all of your bills for that month. From here you can click on 'design' and change it from a standard table to something more fancy. From here, I simply write in any blanks that I've missed, enter how much I paid and begin checking them off (as they're paid.) A few months I have done this entirely on Word and did not print it out, which works just as well, especially to save paper.

This is a great way to keep all of your finances in order and it helps to share with your partner just what's going on with your money.

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