Working out can be a drag, literally, it can be when you find your feet dragging on the treadmill after only five minutes due to boredom.
If you are a competitive runner then you are the type that does not mind a little push to make you work harder.
When you have that drive to prove to someone else that running on the machine is the norm for you and that you just naturally kick ass, you will start seeing that, “Hey, I actually can last longer than five minutes and my ass looks great while doing it!” We’re not saying that everyone needs someone else to make him or her better, but it does not hurt your ego when you prove to yourself that you can run longer all while impressing that hot person next to you. Even though running can be one of the best cardio workouts for the body, it can also be one of the most boring ways to get in shape if not spiced up every now and then.

No worries fellow runners, Valley has a few tips that can keep you from falling asleep while on the treadmill, so that you can run more than those first five minutes.
When watching a full episode of non-stop laughter and crazy shenanigans, your attention would not be so focused on the fact that you are running in place for 30 minutes straight. Listening to a five-minute Beyonce’s woman-empowered song can boost your energy and have you ready to fight through those boring commercials.
Yes, the permission to go home is given, but do not just sit down and stuff your face with Doritos (even though we all find that satisfying).

At Valley, we’re all about getting into the holiday spirit, which means decorations on decorations on decorations.

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