As I look into my soul, I can feel the sore places where I have been wounded by my ego - worry over what people think about me, needing to be right, angry when things don't go my way. I accept the frank spiritual truth that problems in my life are the result of past actions. By rejecting these negative temptations, I am free to invoke this Name—thereby igniting the power of miracles in my life. I can remove negative energies and their chaotic influence in my life and ignite the support and assistance of positive angels.
A shield of positive energy surrounds me, providing protection from the negative glances, looks of envy, and mean-spirited intentions of others. I create harmony between myself and other people and between humanity and the natural world. In their place, I gain life’s true and lasting gifts - family, friendship and fulfillment.

Through the power of this Name, my soul is imbued with divine energy, and is banished from my presence.
I envisage openings and opportunities in the world for the global dissemination of this ancient wisdom. By taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions I lessen the pain and suffering in the world. And when I need to hear the truth, it gives me the strength to open my ears and close my mouth. I acknowledge every person or group of people that stir up feelings of anger, envy, malice, total disgust, or any combination therof. With the power of this Name, I extend the hand of friendship to individuals – especially those with whom I am in conflict. By concentrating on this Name I now uproot the negative seeds that I’ve already planted and in doing so I transform my past, reshape the present, and create a future full of joy and fulfillment.

My personal meditation is more powerful as I also meditate upon others who are intending to start a family. I am imbued with the emotional power and discipline to triumph over all self-centered impulses and negative desires.
With the Light of this Name, I have the power to drop the poisonous negative feelings that exist inside me!
Protests that changed countries, unemployment, business failures, bad economy, homeless increase, Occupy, politicians promising things again that they cant keep, wars ending and wars starting up. As I focus on unconditional love for all people around me, the dark forces within are cast out.

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