He explained that his sound technology, Holosync, works with the wiring of the brain to slip you into deep meditation eight times faster than traditional techniques.
If you’ve been looking for a realistic way to begin meditating, Episode 106 of The School of Greatness is your ticket. When I heard Bill explain the science behind meditation and his technology, I was really intrigued. He's very salesman like, seems to me like this is a version of binaural beats, just packaged to make money.

His technique not only makes sense, but his meditation product has sold over 2 million copies around the world and has allowed him to share the stage with the likes of the Dalai Lama and Stephen Covey.
One of my greatest accomplishments in the past couple of years has been learning how to transform my struggle with anger into awareness and freedom.
Yes it was a bit sales-y but the discussion about how to meditate, the benefits, and especially awareness, were really awesome. I'm one of the few people actually willing to do what it takes to develop themselves, and holosync is like taking a jet plane instead of a bicycle.

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