Meditation Guru guides you to learn the Meditation Technique for one and all who are eager to learn the Meditation Techniques.
Guided Meditation is in script, audio and video in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Guajarati, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and in various languages.
After practicing for few sessions, if you have any questions, doubts or if you need more clarity on any of the aspects of Meditation, mail to us. Meditation guru, India guides to understand Life and to come out of the problems with greater understandings. Meditation Guru, India is run by Spiritual Masters who have done Research for decades on Spiritual Science and Life Science. A large number of people tries out meditating at least once in their life, but rarely do they succeed.

In order to learn how to do it properly, you need some tips on the best meditation techniques. When you are doing your meditation, you must be aware that it is an active process and that you are doing it for a precise reason.
When you need to learn meditation, nothing is worst than having a hostile and noisy environment around you.
Most of the times, they are discouraged and thus a small percentage sticks with learning meditation on the long run. We compiled a small list below; if you have tried meditating in the past but felt it was not beneficial, try it again using the methods that follow. Entering a meditation feeling distressed or not calm is never going to bring good results; first of all, you need preparation.

Meditation is the art of focus all in one point without thinking about things that are external to it; never forget it. Not everywhere is going to give you the same results when meditating, so you should experiment as much as possible before giving up and believing that spiritual meditation is not made for you.
Make sure that nobody disturbs you when you are meditating, as a beginner you are more prone to feeling frustration when being interrupted, risking to convert the whole experience in a nightmare.

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