Type your entries, then change the font to something like 'wingdings' (or change the font color to white) and that way, even if someone guessed the password, they wouldn't be able to read it unless they changed the font.
After a year or two, you might like to protect yourself from a computer hacker or annoying sisters and brothers to stop trying to hack your computer diary files.
If somebody comes in the room while you're typing an entry, hit the 'Esc' button on your keyboard and the program will save where you are and log out immediately. Write your diary text in a Word Document inside your regular folder, but outside your zipped one.

Now, whenever YOU access the folder with a password, you can click on your diary file and type away! Sometimes, giving your kid an idea and then letting their imaginations run free is the best way to get creative play started. Have your kids make up what they’re trying to say to one another with their blinking lights. Read how to make a password protected file as mentioned in the tips, but this time even more security.

It can be fun to pretend you’re in a world where your kids get to make up the names of all the bug life they see around them.

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