Tai Chi, a Chinese form of martial arts movements that focuses on meditative breathing and methodical movement, has been proven to improve mental health. In the study, Wang was able to find a direct connection between active participation in Tai Chi exercises and reduced stress and anxiety, as well as a reduction in depression and mood swings. Additional studies support Wang’s findings, and indicate that regular practice of meditative exercise may promote self healing in addition to the phenomenal mental benefits.

The meditative aspects, physical exercise, and lifting of mood, for me makes tai chi the perfect holistic health regimen. A metastudy of 40 smaller studies has determined that the focused concentration combined with controlled breathing and fluid movements plays an enormous role in improving well-being and mood.
With record numbers of people turning to depression and anxiety medication every year, this discovery help many people find a more natural way of handling challenges while improving their physical health at the same time.

Wang says, “Tai chi, the Chinese low-impact mind-body exercise, has been practiced for centuries for health and fitness in the East and is currently gaining popularity in the West.

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