Nutritional foods rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, etc., it is very useful for increasing our memory power.
Mind calculation practices and games such as numbering in reverse order, oral test, chess, and carom are very useful to improve memory power and concentration. Concentration while learning can be improved by using a technique called relative learning.
Pay attention while learning lessons or listening to anyone’s speech will improve our knowledge. In these days, there are so many health drinks are available in the market which is used to improve your body health as well as memory power and concentration. If you aren't focused, you won't be able to memorize new facts or recall information you memorized previously. As recent books on neuroplasticity such as Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain (by Sharon Begley) explain, the structure and function of the adult brain is not set in stone as scientists have always said.
When you learn a new skill, memorize information, or develop a new habit, the connections in your brain change. By repeatedly bringing your attention back to the breath each time it wanders off, concentration builds and deepens, much as muscles develop by repetitively lifting weights. Step 2: Optimize Your Mental State & EnvironmentIn addition to building the habits described above into your daily routine, also adjust your environment and your current mental state to improve your concentration when studying.

They discovered that red improves concentration and memory (while blue improves creativity). When it's time to study or remember something new, switch your breathing to slower and deeper.
After a few moments, you should feel calmer, the Theta waves should be flowing in your brain, and you should be more receptive to concentrating on new information. To improve your concentration even more, combine intentional deep breathing with mindfulness meditation.
Average sleeping time for human being is from 6 to 8 hours a day is necessary for our memory consolidation. Many studies confirm that 20 minutes of meditation or more per day improves concentration and attention span.
There are several brain enhancement supplements and other vitamins for memory that may improve your concentration.
Your brain needs the proper nutrients to allow you to focus, and your blood sugar needs to be properly regulated (the brain consumes glucose, a sugar, as its primary fuel). Research shows that chewing gum while performing a task can improve your concentration on the task.
Each and every human being except mentally disabled people’s having memory power but they are not interested to use that.

So practicing improves our knowledge and it also improves memory power and concentration.
While learning, understanding the concept is the main factor which improves memory power and concentration.
You might also want to take a look at Synaptol, a supplement for concentration sold by MicroNutra. With the right amount of background noise you can actually block out distractions and enhance your creative thinking.
Consuming pure sugar may cause your blood sugar to drop suddenly which would hurt your concentration. Other foods such as nuts, beans, vegetables, fruits and dark green leaves also helps us to improve memory power.

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