Before you give a listen though, I want to share my thoughts on what Katya Meyers is doing.
Short girls are always getting brainwashed into thinking we can't pull off more eccentric looks or fashion trends that taller girls can get away with. Leave a comment below telling me which fitness myth gets under your skin and why it's soooo untrue. I typically only share my press features on my press page, but today I'm expecially THANKFUL because this issue of People Style Watch marks the 12th time I've been quoted in their magazine. I make yoga dates with my girlfriends constantly because I feel like I get the most quality time with them during this workout than any other. Earlier this month President Obama signed a $1.8 trillion spending bill that rescinded the four-decade-old export ban, which barred US shipments to countries other than Canada.
The termination of the US export ban comes as oil prices have plummeted from over $100 a barrel in 2014 to under $40 a barrel this month.
Oil-producers in the US lobbied hard for an end to the ban as crude prices slumped due in part to a build-up from US shale production and a lack of transport infrastructure.
Border police officers conduct an anti-terror drill in Bortala, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, this month.
Lawmakers also passed a State Council proposal granting the council the power to change the method for initial public offerings of shares on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges from an approval-based system to a registration-based one.
Earlier this month, China Telecom and China Unicom called for the standardization of smartphone technologies shortly after signing a deal in October to jointly construct 4G base stations and share 4G resources. The State Council early this month decided to tackle enterprises that have been running at a loss for more than three years.
Made by Inner Mongolia First Machinery, a subsidiary, the tanks are in service with at least 28 firefighting departments in Shandong, Shaanxi, Shanxi and Hunan provinces. Compared with fire engines, the tanks can get closer to blaze scenes and be used for search-and-rescue missions, according to the statement. He said many injuries to firefighters are caused by explosions and buildings collapsing as they enter a blaze scene where debris has prevented fire engines from getting closer. Under the new law, telecoms operators and Internet service providers are also required to use their technical skills to decipher encrypted documents and other materials shared online by suspected terrorists when instructed by public security authorities. Many victims are too afraid to speak out, said Jiang Yue'e, vice-president of the China Association of Marriage and Family, which released a brochure in December to advise social workers, police and women's federation employees on how to deal with victims of domestic abuse.
Air quality has deteriorated badly in China's north and east, including in Beijing and Shanghai. She said she has decided to leave a furniture company where she has worked for four months after she found its office had the highest category of pollution. A report published this month by realtor Jones Lang LaSalle and indoor solutions company Pure Living said 90 percent of office buildings in Beijing are not significantly reducing airborne particulate matter with their current filtration systems. Christine Grand, a Shanghai-based executive at a subsidiary of WPP, said that in the future she would only consider working for companies that have made similar commitments on indoor air quality. But many in the industry fear the traditional art of making dim sum is dying as restaurants choose factory-made products to save money and meet demand. Younger chefs are less interested in the hard work it takes to prepare dim sum, he added - it is usually eaten in the morning, so cooks must get up in the night to prepare. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will convene next month for the first time since its establishment and will elect its first president, according to the Ministry of Finance. The launch comes just six months after the articles of agreement were signed in June, and 26 months after President Xi Jinping proposed the bank in October 2013.
In this TV screen grab from BBC, Beijing resident Li Tianqin tries to get her son refreshed with a canister of Vitality Air's fresh air. Jiang Yikang, Party chief of Shandong, and Guo Shuqing, provincial governor, rushed to the site to guide rescue work. Rescuers remove a miner from the collapsed gypsum mine on Friday in Pingyi county, Shandong province.
Wang said China needs to take on a greater share of the UN regular budget and peacekeeping operations budget because it has become the second-largest economy in the world. China's contribution to the UN regular budget has risen steadily over the past decade, as the organization decides its members' contributions every three years, according to the Global Policy Forum, a policy watchdog that monitors the UN's work. However, Wang, reiterated that the nation is still a developing country based on its GDP per capita. The result: prices for polished and rough diamonds plunged 12 percent and 23 percent, respectively, since May 2014 and 8 percent and 15 percent, respectively, for the first nine months of 2015. Chinese diplomat Wu Hongbo was sworn in as the new United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) at the UN headquarters in New York on Monday.
Wu, born in 1952 in Shandong province in eastern China, was Chinese ambassador to Germany since 2009 and assistant foreign minister.
At least nine people in Liaoning province, five in Hubei province and one in Yunnan province were confirmed dead in floods and mudslides triggered by rainstorms on Monday.
Floods trapped 201 construction workers in a tunnel of a high-speed railway in the province's Benxi about 9:40 am on Monday, said Ban Yue, a publicity official for the city's government.
Floods triggered by rainstorms in Dalian, Liaoning, retreated on Sunday night, as many residents in Chengzitan township tried to dry their clothes in the sun on Monday. In Southwest China's Yunnan, a 92-year-old woman was found dead and a 82-year-old woman was missing in Eryuan county of the Dali Bai autonomous prefecture, where a mudslide occurred on Monday morning. Forty villagers were injured by the mudslide and all were sent to hospital for treatment, Zhou Hongbing, a publicity official for Eryuan, said on Monday. Li Xiangyang, a resident of Fengyu, said that the rainy weather had lasted for nearly half a month.
As of 2 pm on Monday, at least five people had been confirmed dead and one remained missing due to heavy rain in Shiyan and Xiangyang in Central China's Hubei province, according to the provincial flood control headquarters. Rescuers managed to transfer more than 830 people to safety and rescued 324 people from places surrounded by deep water by Monday afternoon. The heavy rain collapsed 178 houses and destroyed 409 hectares of crops, the Xiangyang government said on Monday.

The country is faced with a tremendous burden from floods and other disasters due to frequent typhoons since mid-July, Chen Lei, minister of water resources, said on Monday.
Haikui strengthened into a fierce tropical storm on Sunday and further strengthened into a typhoon on Monday afternoon.
Heavy rainstorms brought by Haikui are expected to hit Shanghai and Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and Jiangsu provinces in next three days, according to the China Meteorological Administration.
According to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, Haikui is moving northwestward at 15 kilometers an hour. Shanghai is expected to be lashed by rainstorms brought by Haikui from Tuesday to Thursday, with heavy rains in some areas, said Yao Jianqun, deputy director of the Shanghai Central Meteorological Station. The Shanghai Railway Bureau has decided to suspend the sale of train tickets of the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Railway along the southeast coast on Wednesday in order to ensure the safety of passengers.
The State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters sent four work teams on Monday to Shanghai and Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Jiangxi provinces to supervise flood control work.
Nearly 560,000 online comments were made on the proposed amendments to the Labor Contract Law over the monthlong public suggestion period, according to the website of the National People's Congress. The draft labor contract law received nearly 190,000 public comments within a month in 2006 when the law was drafted, a record at the time.
During a monthlong online campaign to solicit feedback on the proposed changes, the proposal received almost 331,000 comments and suggestions from about 20,000 members of the public, as of Sunday, according to the National People's Congress, the top legislature. However, several analysts said such attention to the draft shows an unusual public interest in levies and expenses, as the government continues to harvest surplus revenue. Gyms across the capital have seen a spike in new members, with many residents inspired to get in shape by Olympic heroes such as badminton ace Lin Dan. However, the marketing department of another fitness club in the capital, Tera Wellness Club, said it witnessed a year-on-year increase of new members of less than 10 percent in July. Gao Feng, a salesman at Hosa, said he signs up most new members in spring, but added the sales performance last month was "impressive". Liang Guoying, a discipline official with Zhongshan Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, is accused of helping his son change the score he received on a writing test for a public servant exam so his son would get the post, according to a statement from the city's commission for discipline inspection.
A 38-year-old man in Shanghai's Qingpu district has been arrested for allegedly killing his housing agent, Shanghai Evening Post reported on Sunday. A nurse who run away after she failed to pay back a 365 million yuan ($57 million) loan was arrested in Shanghai in July, local media Modern Express reported on Sunday. She borrowed money at an extremely high interest rate to invest in real estate, but failed to pay back the loan in full, police said. The mother of a forced prostitution victim in Central China's Hunan province was sentenced to 18 months of re-education through labor on Thursday for disrupting public order, police said on Sunday. In the long run, the system is meant to establish a national system through which information on organ donations can be shared and donated organs can be allocated in a transparent manner. In April, police in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, uncovered a gang suspected of organizing and trafficking in human organs with other "black agencies" in Beijing, Shandong and Anhui provinces, the statement said. Liu said hospitals urgently need to establish a nationwide online database to share information on organ receivers and providers. However, the crime is "far from being rooted out, as such criminals have come up with new methods", the ministry said in its online statement. The ministry also said it had found sham promotions of fake products on the Internet, television and magazines during the crackdown. A prolific robber who stole 88 motorbikes in five months had bad luck when he was stealing his 89th bike, the Chengdu Business Daily reported on Friday.
More than 2 million residents in East China's coastal regions were affected by two typhoons on Friday, and one person died in Shandong province, even as the tempests weakened to tropical storms after making landfall. As of 10 am on Friday, Saola and Damrey had forced the evacuation of about 124,000 residents in Jiangsu province, 180,000 in Shandong province, 237,000 in Zhejiang province, and 173,000 in Fujian province, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The storms brought torrential rain to Jiangsu and the southern coastal areas of Shandong early on Friday morning after Damrey landed in Jiangsu at about 9:30 pm on Thursday, the center said.
He urged local authorities to ensure safety and conduct evacuations in a timely manner, adding that observatories and hydrologic monitoring stations should enhance monitoring and guard against possible disasters. However, the growth has slowed since the second quarter of the year and is expected to continue slowing down, according to the Beijing Tourism Development Committee. An official with the marketing office of the Badaling section of the Great Wall said that Badaling received about 320,000 overseas tourists in the first six months, up 6.7 percent over the same period of last year. However, even though inbound tourism has seen a year-on-year growth of 9.1 percent in the first quarter, the growth for the second quarter slowed to 1 percent, partly due to the slow recovery of the global economy and the budget deficit, debt and unemployment problems that are hitting many developed countries, the committee said in a report on Friday.
Rescue centers should focus on boosting rescue capabilities and service levels rather than charging citizens during emergency situations, said Zhao, adding that the money has been refunded to the families.
Monthly allowances for low-income families in rural areas also grew 87 percent over the period. Officials from the top audit authority said the audit aims to assess whether China's economic boom has been shared by its people and if the security system serves the people well. Chen Hang, an officer of the Mawei district border defense brigade in Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province, shows local primary students how to update a micro blog.
Sun Haidong, an officer responsible for the micro blog of the Jinan public security bureau in Shandong province, said the bureau has established a team of officers specialized in various fields to address followers' varying problems. However, Wang Yibo, a police officer who operates the Shanghai railway police's micro blog, said there is insufficient investment in the micro blog and sometimes updates have to wait until the next day because of a personnel shortage. With the establishment of Sansha city in July, Chen hopes more processing factories will be established in the new city, which could save fishermen time and money. The fishing ban in the South China Sea, which has been in place since 1999, has been imposed for two and a half months since 2009, and covers areas north of the 12th parallel north, including Huangyan Island but excluding most of the Nansha Islands. In addition to raising awareness for this extraordinary event, I raised money to support it.
By the time his photographs started getting noticed through social media, it was already a passion project. When Katya first reached out to me and shared a bit of her life with me, I was really impressed with her background and how she left a traditional career path to pursue an endeavor her heart was stuck on (racing).

As I get older, I find I need to do more to preserve the firmness, the lift and glow factor of my skin. I convinced her to meet with me and give me career advice so I will keep you filled in on how that goes.
Global supplies are plentiful as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has failed to cut production and shaky economies in China, Europe and emerging markets may be depressing demand. However, there are indications that US production has reversed as plummeting prices instigated a decline in drilling.
However, it called for the ban to be written into law to enhance enforcement in tackling those who still offer such services. Companies based in these cities, especially multinationals, are spending tens of thousands of dollars to install air filtration systems and real-time pollution monitoring devices in their offices. Power has installed new clean air systems at its Beijing and Shanghai offices, an executive said.
However, that number represented a nearly 53 percent decline from the number of workplace deaths in 2002, he said. But Tiffany CEO Frederic Cumenal said in November that the dollar's surge has hurt both its international and domestic businesses, according to CNN Money. Sha recently chaired the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, where more than 190 countries agreed on a plan to achieve a set of sustainable development goals and to promote global "green economy".
The rescuers managed to save more than 80 as of Monday afternoon and authorities are still working to free the remaining trapped people, Zhou said. I never thought my house would collapse before my eyes,"said Shen Kaixuan, from Jufeng township of Rizhao, 347 kilometers away from Jinan, the capital of Shandong province.
When the heavy rain comes, I would rather stay at home for safety than drive outside to make money," Wang Yongqiang, a 43-year-old taxi driver, said on Friday.
Shan is a researcher at the website of People's Daily, the Communist Party of China's flagship newspaper. As the voyage is about one month long, we also stored enough vegetables and food," Chen said. Again, not complaining as worse things have happened in my life, but as all wavy and curly-haired girls know, learning how to style curls is freakin' hard! She presented her "Search Don't Rescue" collection, which really appealed to me because I'm a huge fan of monochromatic, flowy dresses and pairings. Let me guess, you know how to break a sweat but you also look forward to showing off how well you clean up and glow like a pro. The tracker itself is a black shiny oval shaped piece that clips into a metal slip-on bracelet.
A really astounding young lady and go-getter herself, Katya Meyers, created the interview series to share what happens behind the scenes in the lives of successful health & wellness oriented professionals.
It's a long trip (9 months at sea!) and it's a tremendous challenge for these women, requiring massive teamwork and goal-setting. Of course, you have to train consistently, eat right and get plenty of sleep and hydration. The center of Haikui was in the ocean, about 580 kilometers southeast of Shanghai by 3 pm on Monday. But yes, I have a FLAT approach to skincare that I want to share with you today that literally saves my life every time I travel.
Hopefully they'll inspire you to get creative with something as simple and inexpensive as a pair of socks.
So, I did for a little bit but then over time I became empowered by how great my mid-30's felt.
I thought I'd share with you what I've got on my desk today: the March issue of People Style Watch Magazine and my new favorite toy, a Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jar with a fruit infuser lid!
Seven of the top 10 best-performing third-tier cities are in Jiangsu province, as they have benefited from Shanghai's proximity and an influx of talent and technology. I caught the flu somewhere between rushing to shows and shaking hands with and hugging everyone.
The lotus flower is now bold, proud and sharp looking, which I personally think translates better to fitness and sport. It's been a whirlwind of a month but I'm finally back at Mizzfit headquarters blogging about all my exciting Fall adventures.
Around the time I turned 12, my dad took me to get a "Mariah Carey" perm because I wanted Mariah's exact hair from her music video Someday. I can only imagine how much these super stars have to workout to look so incredible, and a true diva likes to do things her own way.
A group that goes by the name of Artesian Bubbleheads of Ann Arbor came to South Haven Sunday and Monday to entertain beach-goers using wands to create  large bubbles. Mark Savage managed to get a shot of the squirrel last week while it was on the run in his yard in Geneva Township.
Thompson had traveled to South Haven to help his mother recover from surgery and snapped this photo on Monroe Boulevard, near South Beach. No incidents of people falling through the ice have been reported in South Haven, however, Grand Haven police dealt with six ice-related incidents during the weekend of Feb. But, Rural Ramblings website and several other websites that deal with birds, say people shouldn't get too excited about seeing Robins this time of year. According to Bangor residents, even though signs are posted warning about the crossing, several times a year a truck with a long trailer will get stuck.
However, this week's weather picture has changed, and temperatures are hovering in the 30s and 40s.

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