However, if we constantly demand everyone’s attention and never allow others to have an opportunity to express themselves or to use their gifts, we create a situation in which others go unrecognized and are thus dishonored. Sometimes we can be on FIRE for God and eager to fulfill God’s call on our life, that we don'trealize how self-consumed we can be with our own vision and calling — so consumed that we ignore the outstanding gifts God had placed in the people around us.
Although it is right for us to be completely committed to our calling, but we have to be taught that it is wrong to be so self-projecting and negligent to recognize the gifts, callings, and dreams of others. We have and had to learn to think lowly of ourselves, to keep our mouth shut, and to recognize that we aren'tthe only one in any given setting who have or had something to say. If you’ve inadvertently fallen into the habit of constantly talking and promoting yourself with a lot of vainglorious self-talk, it’s time for you to let the Holy Spirit teach you to respect and make room for the contributions of others in the group.
If you’ll sincerely ask the Holy Spirit to help you, He will begin to teach you how to esteem others better than yourself!     Lord, forgive me for the times I was so engrossed in my own ideas and convictions that I “hogged” entire conversations and didn’t give others an opportunity to express what was on their hearts. Forgive me for being so self-absorbed and for not recognizing the other outstanding people with gifts, talents, and ideas that were just as valuable as my own.

The same, however, cannot be said about the two wards that reflect the primarily White community. But, then again maybe he knows more than I about how citizens of wards I and II will ultimately vote. We MUST work together to improve our community—by encouraging EVERYONE to clean on our streets, bayou, parks, etc. We have some huge unmet challenges here in Indianola, and how YOU decide to vote On December 10, 2013, is vital to our success. We invite all community-based experts in any field to become a part of the challenge to address issues of: unemployment, entrepreneurship, illiteracy, poor self-esteem, teen pregnancy, obesity, hopelessness, communication skills, journalism and creative writing, etc. Since assuming her position on January 1, 2009, she has launched The Valley Renaissance, the institutions five-year strategic plan, which is pictorially depicted by the African Adinkra symbol of a Sankofa a bird that flies with his head facingbackwards as he advances forward without getting off track.

The worst, were Leonard Sharpiro, Norman Chad, Dave Kindred, Tom Boswell, John Feinsteinand Tony Cornheiser (aka Howdy & Doody). We were once Petey Green, and Al Green Full of Love and Happiness, but the loss of community, self-esteem, and our integrity, we have taken on the characteristics of our oppressors.     REMEMBERING MY BROTHER SGT.

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