FEMA has developed a standardized Elevation Certificate form that is used to gather elevation data for the purpose of accurately assessing flood risks to structures located in Flood Hazard Zones.
In order to obtain an Elevation Certificate, you or your agent must contact and retain the services of a licensed Land Surveyor authorized by the appropriate state regulatory agency to provided land surveying services in your state. If your house has a full basement, the surveyor will need access to determine the elevation of the basement floor and the square footage of the enclosed area. Survey Department offers an Elevation Certificate Service for Connecticut and Rhode Island homeowners with structures located in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) designated Flood Hazard Zones.

When obtaining flood insurance, most providers require an Elevation Certificate prior to issuing a policy. Floyd, owner and founder of Floyd has been doing survey work in Southern California for over 10 yrs I have specialized in Telecommunication Surveys, but also have survey experience in FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates, construction, boundary, GPS control, and topographic mapping projects, ranging from small commercial companies to large Caltrans projects. Since FEMA established the National Flood Insurance Program, DiCesare-Bentley has provided Elevation Certificates for countless homeowners along the rivers, tributaries and coastal areas of Connecticut and Rhode Island.
The Base Flood Elevation is an elevation above the mean sea level which indicates the predicted water surface elevation resulting from a flood that has a one percent chance of equaling or exceeding that elevation in any given year.

If your insurance provider already has an Elevation Certificate on file, it is most likely transferable.

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