I have wished lots of times for more confidence, more guts to put myself out there and ask for what I want. Even if you don’t consider yourself naturally confident right now, I believe you can learn how how to feel more confident. Confidence is an emotion, and one thing we know about emotions is that we tend to fall back on the ones that are familiar. Fortunately, that means you don’t have to drastically alter reality to boost your confidence!
I bolster my confidence by spending more time doing what I already know I’m good at and paying attention to my sense of confidence in those moments. Start your day by meditating on your purpose, your big reason for wanting to feel more confident in the first place.
I love the part about teaching someone else and I especially love the part about meditating on your higher purpose – the big picture, if you will.

Meditating on the big picture is like exercise for me: something I know I need to do more of, I know and remember the benefits of doing it, and yet I struggle to actually make time for it every day!
I’m learning to channel that into the confidence I need to live out my Big Fact Scary Purpose. Focus on that proof and the experience of teaching to shift your perception about your capabilities.
If you want to have a greater faith in your abilities, make a habit of feeling confident by doing what you’re good at. They know that once this man gets hold of them, he’s going to start talking endlessly about himself, his projects, his ideas, and his accomplishments. I’m the only one doing anything significant.” He was so self-consumed that he couldn’t even recognize the fact that there are other hard-working high achievers in the Kingdom of God! Coming from a terrible, insecure foundation in his own life, this man somehow feels that he must stretch the truth to a ridiculous extreme and brag about his own accomplishments. Regardless of the reason that people boast about themselves, this kind of behavior does not demonstrate the way that agape love behaves! Agape love is so strong, so sure, and so confident that it doesn’t need to speak of itself or its accomplishments, even if those accomplishments are greater than anyone else’s.

Real agape love would never flaunt itself in this way; instead, agape love wants to focus on the accomplishments of others in order to build them up and make them feel more valuable and secure.
If you see that you have fallen short of the high-level love God wants you to possess and exhibit in your life, it’s time for you to go back to the Lord and talk to Him about it again! I don’t go around talking about myself all the time, constantly exaggerating and embellishing the facts.

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