We got rid of the TV for a while, but when we downsized to an apartment we found our daughter and her friends using the TV in the living room much more, so we added one back to the bedroom so my wife and I could watch movies in the evenings. Read Before You Begin, How to Declutter the Kitchen and How to Declutter the Bathroom) When you think about it, there’s not much that you really need in your bedroom: a (hopefully) cozy bed, a place to keep your clothes, and, well, that’s it. However, in our bus, we really don’t have space for that, so we just make do with the bed and place for clothing.
If your closet is exploding and you trip over your shoes on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, it's probably time for a seasonal bedroom declutter session. After all, your bedroom is your sanctuary, and a tidy space will help you enjoy this sweet oasis. Here are our best tips for airing out your closet, coordinating your clothes and getting dirty laundry off the floor.Top Tips for Decluttering Your BedroomSet a small goal, and be faithful to fulfill it. Decide that you will take 10 items of clothing out of your closet this weekend,and determine if they are good enough to keep, if you're ready to give them away or if it's time to throw them away. From inexpensive plastic shelving to high-end, custom wooden closet systems, there are a variety of options available to help you tame your closet.

Get an extra hamper for your closet, and use it to keep clothes that you'd like to donate.
Also consider instituting a policy that no new item of clothing goes into the closet without an old item coming out.Take a look around your bedroom, and determine if you can get rid of a few pieces.
Host a neighborhood yard sale, and turn unwanted furniture, clothing and other items into extra spending money.Remove all items from tables, dressers and other surfaces in the bedroom and sort them. If shoes, clothes, books and papers tend to clutter up your walking spaces, use hooks, shelves and other storage solutions to clear the area. Choose solid colors so everything matches, and get rid of old blankets, pillows or other bedding that doesn't fit well with your current design scheme. Put things in their rightful place Somehow, our bedrooms become a dumping ground for, well, everything. If it’s an ongoing problem, keep a small basket in your room to put everything in at the end of the day and make sure everyone returns their items. One reason we’ve been able to declutter so much is because we removed the excess and designated special places for certain items.

Watching it right before bed also resets your mind, making it harder for you (or kids) to fall asleep. Also, if your nightstand has a space to store extra stuff, as ours did, empty it out and keep only what must stay in your bedroom. On your dresser, you might keep a photo from your wedding and a little dish to put jewelry.
If you keep a desk in your room, try to keep just the essentials on it and maybe something that inspires you.

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