Jon Brooks - Composer - Seventh Heaven - Relaxing and Calming Music to relieve Stress and Anxiety. Whether you are suffering from crippling Generalized Anxiety, Relationship Problems, Panic Attacks, Depression, Adrenal Fatigue, PTSD, Agoraphobia or an Energy Disorder, you can take back control of your physical and emotional wellbeing; be kind to yourself. Relaxing is of course the most difficult thing when you feel overwhelmed by stress, and yet it is the most important. Add this calming new age music to your music collection and allow yourself some time to slow down; reduce stress and anxiety with this soothing, relaxing music.

When I have to write a paper and I am totally stuck and frustrated, I open a second document and just write all my anger, frustration or fear of not being able to do this down. On the long-term, sport and meditation can help you having a more relaxed foundation, but there are also lots of quick things to do when you are in a stressful situation. The library is bursting at the seams – we are in the middle of exam and paper writing period. Getting a bit stressed out is a normal part of the process, but I have the feeling for me, as for many students, study stress can sometimes be quite overwhelming.

Remember, the more you feel stressed, the more important it is to consciously create a feeling of relaxation even just for a moment in between. Candles always create a nice atmosphere, and the fragrance can help you studying: Rosemary for example is good for concentration, lemongrass for a good mood, lavender calms you down.

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