Since I've created my True Core Self-Confidence and Happiness Program I have been trying to figure out how to explain True Core Self-Confidence, it is so much of an experience, an aura, and feeling (I almost feel it is an emotion) than a list of traits and the ability to talk to women. Now when you gain that True Core Self-Confidence that attitude, that emotion, behavior, mindset, and everything that comes with it is attached to EVERYTHING. There may be some rough patches along the way, some may refer to it as rejection, some may refer to is as failure, but when you absorb that True Core Self-Confidence NOTHING deters you from success. My ideal of True Core Self-Confidence is beyond your abilities in an area or even just you belief in yourself but also expands to your self-esteem. He was referring to Alpha, his concept of Alpha which happens to match precisely my definition of True Core Self-Confidence; I mean that statement encompasses so much. I dare you to go out and do all you need to gain that True Core Self-Confidence, I’ll admit it is hard work but it is way more worth it than the self-loathing I was once accustomed to. Good self-esteem is honestly accessing your strengths and weaknesses and honoring and respecting yourself regardless of the outcome of your appraisal. How you feel about yourself is transmitted to others in subtle ways and tells them how you expect to be treated.

Appreciating your own individuality and what makes you unique is what gives you a strong self-image. Moving past the idea that you’re never good enough and speaking to yourself with positive self-talk is one of the most powerful and most difficult acts you can accomplish. Having self-respect is honoring yourself and it’s impossible to have respect for others until you first respect yourself.
Getting Help Overcoming Insecurity and Building Self-Esteem Understanding all of these qualities is the awareness you need to build confidence and have a good opinion of yourself. People with low self-esteem wonder how to build confidence and how to achieve the changes that will bring the freedom of living in their truth. Oftentimes, people with extreme low self-esteem have been abused as children, either emotionally or physically, and negative self-talk and self-criticism is reflective of the victims’ damaged attitude toward themselves and the world. You can unlearn the negative habitual thinking and behavior that is responsible for ingraining low self-esteem in you. However your confidence in your inevitable success grants you passage through all your negative experiences along the way.

True Core Self-Confidence certainly contains a wide variety of traits, but without experiencing it most people think it is unrealistic, imaginative, stupid, I’ve heard it all. When our relationships, including business partners and co-workers, friends, family and romantic partners are formed in accordance with our values – we build a strong foundation for them to thrive. Reach out to a therapist who is skilled and experienced in helping with self-esteem issues. The difference is simply my comfort with me, my self-love, and my much higher self-esteem among many other things have made me into “The Man” because of my True Core Self-Confidence.
That’s how you should feel too, sure you may require working on yourself some more but that doesn’t mean you can’t have that aura, awareness, consciousness of True Core Self-Confidence.

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