Type 1 addicts use sugar and caffeine to keep themselves awake, and tend to be addicted to energy drinks.
Type 2 addicts are suffering from adrenal failure and use sugar to keep themselves going when they are exhausted or stressed out. Type 4 addicts have hormonal imbalances and crave sugar to stave off irritability and depression. When your body is overloaded with sugar your liver cannot keep up and simply cannot process all the sugar.  It then dumps this into the bloodstream and this creates insulin overload.
You can wean yourself off the sugar habit and that’s just what it is a HABIT!  You can do this in as little as 5 days!  Take one week to prepare your mind and the meals you will have and put that plan into action.

They are stressed out, often Type A personalities who substitute the quick fix of coffee or sugar to make up for not getting enough sleep or eating a healthy diet.
These are the hypoglycemics, the people whose blood sugar drops and leaves them irritable, shaky, and tearful. These people spend a lot of time eating and wanting to eat foods with a lot of sugar and white flour because it makes them feel better…briefly. This allows your body to absorb the sugars slowly while filling you up and providing REAL LONG lasting energy with the health benefits your body needs and wants to feel better and more focused.  If you must choose strawberries and a banana over a coke, go for the fruit it will have MUCH less sugar and you will get nutrition as well. Read your labels, be conscience of everything you are eating and how you feel after every meal and snack.

How about making a conscience effort to not purchase soda for one full week and replace it with water. The more you eat nutrients  dense food, less you will crave sugar, the more satisfied your body will be.

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