The cutting-edge program that cures your type of sugar addiction and puts you on the road to feeling great – And losing weight! We are surrounded by a sugar-filled society, where often if you refuse or decide not to take a piece of cake or chocolate offered to you, you are looked upon as strange.
It is obvious after reading this book that the author knows what it is like to be a sugar addict. After doing the short quizzes to find out what type of sugar addict I was, I discovered I was a combination of type 2, 3 and 4. The book is separated into well organised sections and for each sugar addiction type a helpful bullet-pointed 'Wellness Prescription' is provided, which rounds up what is said within the chapter if you are wanting a quick overview after reading the book.
It gives an easy-to-follow plan on how to beat sugar addiction in a way that I didn't have when I tried to detox.

I had this strong intuitive feeling that sugar was not only damaging the skin under my eyes but that it was also causing erratic mood swings, depression and other health and hormonal issues.
He does not fill the book with jargon and so anyone can understand all about their own sugar addiction and how to make the changes. And if you want a quick overview of what to eat once you have finished reading the book, there is a section on the GI of foods to help you eat the best foods possible for your sugar addiction type. Back then I did a whole lot of research on how to go about giving up sugar, but I now realise since reading 'Beat Sugar Now', that it would have been far easier to simply buy the book.
It was good to finally understand the benefits of salt and licorice  for my own sugar addiction type, which I have never considered before. I did not realise that there are many different types of sugar addict, and you may be a sugar addict that is affected by more than simply the craving for that cake or chocolate.

As someone that experiences low blood pressure often, Jacob gave me a great tips on how to raise my blood pressure and to balance my adrenals. The description of each sugar addict was so informative to me and as the book went on it is split into chapters where you get brilliant advice on what to eat, how to eat, and any supplementation that may help your particular addiction.

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