Taking into account which social apps are ranked highest, the monthly average users, amount of downloads, and many other aspects, it’s a pretty unique graph. The stat of how long it took to reach 5 million downloads is not accounting for one huge thing: gaining popularity. There’s a reason Google just released design guidelines which basically tell developers to code to offer more functionality with increased space rather than just blowing everything up.
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It took instagram, pintrest, and other social apps a while to gain popularity on iOS because it was new.
Males rarely control a pride more than three or four years before being replaced by younger, more powerful challengers.
Males rarely participate in chases unless their weight is needed to bring down large bull buffaloes; however, males claim first place at the pride's feasts.

However, most naturalists believe the monetary value of wild animals in producing foreign exchange will ensure the long-term survival of the African lion, even if reduced in numbers.

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