The reason is simple: People need downtime to be productive – and this is scientifically proven.
Additionally, the International Game Developers Association (yes, there is such an organization!) found that “long-term useful worker output is maximized near a five-day, 40-hour workweek. If you do need people onsite 5 days a week, let your employees work together to figure out shifts to ensure there’s always someone available to answer the phone or handle vendor and customer questions.

The beauty of working without colleagues stopping by to chat is that you can get a lot of work done faster.
After all, we are knee deep in the dog days of summer when everything seems to slow down and offices empty out as people head off on their annual summer vacations. If you have your doubts about the wisdom or plausibility of moving your organization to a 4 day work week, I totally understand – it seems radical.

Longer periods of continuous work drastically reduce cognitive function and increase the chance of catastrophic error.” Again, you can read more here.

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