What do you make of a situation where the confidence(I believe it was false confidence to begin with, show if will) has waned.
As you have said in the post, creating a list of achievements is even a more organized therapy. Many people do not know that confidence is not only a learnable skill, but that is the primary method people acquire it. Remembering those past achievements is a good way to remind yourself that you are skilled and have the ability to accomplish things. I’ve always had a level of confidence that allows me to lean into something and give it a go without too much fear of failure.
I was not born confident and had to learn how to be confident through exposure, experience and of course through books.

It is tough, but sometimes trying to be confident about the things you are unsure of can help you get better really fast.
After suffering some disappointing grades in graduate school, I came home following convocation suffering from a lack of confidence. The two techniques you’ve shared are very much necessary to those people who lucks of confidence or immediately lower their self esteem if something had happened. When you lack confidence, often end up settling for what think can get, instead of really want in life. I so agree with you on the part about confidence being a skill that anybody can develop with repeated exposure.
One of the things I’ve had to overcome, and still have to remind myself about, is over thinking things.

To help rebuild my confidence I made a list of areas, or subjects, that I felt I was weak in. Sometimes when I can feel that I have low self confidence I immediately convince my self to do other stuffs that can bring it back.

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