Oh great, another job search, interview process, and eternal wait to be hired to finally start making money again. Last year, Life Works Families Blog asked me to guest post for them on the topic of interviews. Head over to the Life Works Families Blog,  get the answers and learn how to be confident in an interview! There are endless telltale signs of nervousness at work or in a job interview: profuse sweating, rapid blinking, stammering, and the list goes on. The next time he felt nervous during a job interview, briefly placing his hand on his leg activated those positive feelings, she says.

Once you’ve prepared and sent our resumes, you still have survive (and rock) that dreaded interview.
Many times candidates get nervous about impending interviews because they aren’t sure how it will go. The key lies in keeping a straight and confident face throughout your conversation with the prospective employer.
Keeping in mind that you have a limited amount of time before which you have to complete your answer (during an interview), you should note down points (always, bring a notepad and pen with you for any interview). This will make employers think that you are honest enough and willing enough to look for the answer yourself.Advertisement Refer to examplesDuring an interview, the interviewers have been through a lot of resumes and candidates.

So, while answering some of the tougher questions, try to refer to actual case examples or static examples so that it keeps the interviewer interested in what you are saying.Be confident when you answerMany times, the candidate gets confused even if they know the answer because they get nervous that the interviews are sitting right in front of them. If you have been asked to come to the interview then it means that the company is at least considering you for the role. During an interview, if there are tough questions coming your way, draft it with witty comments and a little bit of humor so that the interviewers realize the difference in you and the several other candidates.Keep your goal in mind or write it atop your notepad when you answerYour goal is to get the job.

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