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While we can use practices such as mindfulness and meditation to ask for guidance from the spirit realm, there’s also another way to get their attention: by opening our hearts and mind to receiving their signals. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
So if I were thinking about changing jobs, and the spirits were trying to tell me I should, I might open a newspaper and find a story about how more Americans are changing careers.

Her heart was always into playing with that plastic disc even when she was battling the Cancer that eventually claimed her life at 12-years old. I took her out into the back yard for a few minutes and the first thing she did was to pick up a Frisbee, I threw it for her a few times before telling her it was time to go.
I felt something special for this little guy and agreed to take him, we named him Maverick and you can see his picture on my homepage. By Thursday, after a solid four days at the vet's he lost his battle against the virus.

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