Children who wash dishes and do other chores may receive an allowance that can provide them with some autonomy. In some cases, loss of self-esteem is caused by negative experiences, such as bullying and abuse, whether physical, emotional, or sexual. Your child's sense of self worth can be greatly increased by giving her more responsibility at home. What I have done with my children is enrolled them in a supplemental math program since they were in kindergarten. Children who are given lots of hugs, kisses and other forms of physical affection are confident that they are loved.

I also think that when we make a mistake it is important to apologize to our child so that they understand how valuable their feelings are to us. I do think that early wins like that as well as finding your child doing something right and building on it helps to foster healthy self esteem.
Although it may be tempting to fix all your child's problems for him, his self esteem will benefit if you let him work through them on his own.
As a parent, you have the ability to give your child all the self esteem necessary to thrive in his society. I think that a child that gets rewarded for developing responsible habits will continue the path and not get into trouble.

As a matter of fact, their boost in their self esteem has spilled over into other subjects and they are doing great in school and really love going to school every day.

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