MOVIES THAT HELP BOOST self-confidence have characters and actors that possess the business acumen, social wit or mental toughness that we’d like to have. Watching Billy the Kid in this movie makes you realize that when you were young you had confidence that came from not knowing anything about the world.  Billy the Kid was in his late teens by the time he made a name for himself. I’m interested in and use brain enhancers as well as confidence boosting supplements. Watching the The Godfather conduct his business with such a cool and calm conduct is inspiring.
Plot:  A Mafioso family based in New York are faced with a new drug threat, war between other crime factions and treachery within their own ranks. Plot:  After the death of his wife and a widower purchases a zoo that he runs with the current employees and his two children. You can’t help but barrack for the main character in this film, she tries really hard.
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It matters not whether you have the good looks of a crumbling cathedral gargoyle or the sex appeal of a rusted cheese grater because self-confidence is a power greater than the sum of your parts.
Canadian researchers found those with low self-esteem actually felt worse after repeating positive statements about themselves. Making something with your own two hands is a powerful activity that can definitely be a self-confidence booster. The bad news is that I'm totally swamped with email and comments, and so I have had to take the hard decision not to answer comments here any more.However, the community here is really helpful and you may well get better advice than I could give you from someone else, so do make a comment if you feel you need help.

They said phrases such as "I am a lovable person" only helped people with high self-esteem.
Starting off with next to no cash for his dream, he convinced backers to hand over ?130 million.That man was Tim Smit.
Let's look at one way often tried (and tried again):Affirmations as a confidence-building activity: They get a bit repetitive"Every day in every way I'm getting better and better!" But what if you're not!
Emile Coue suggested way back in the 1920s that we repeat this mantra daily to ourselves so as to build self-confidence. I made a few layouts about my daughter and about my relationship with my husband but none about myself during my first few years as a scrapbooker.In the years since I started, with the help and inspiration of two amazing scrapbooking communities I have learned to use scrapbooking not only as a way to document the lives of myself and my family, but also, as a way to connect with who I am. We need self-confidence to drive our aspirations to make them real; it's as much a vehicle as a destination in itself.
Human beings waste lots of energy trying to be seen as like other people around them, but self-confident people don't have to be like everyone else.Self-confidence means allowing for your own differences, so learn to relax with your peculiarities, idiosyncrasies, and eccentricities.
And know that recognizing your own differences doesn't mean you have to doubt your decisions.Knowing your weak areas and being comfortable with knowing what you are not so good at is a cornerstone of self-confidence. Oh dear!Self-confidence is built upon real life evidence and actionSelf-confidence isn't just about what you think or imagine, although that makes a huge difference (see: How to Build Self-Confidence). Don't be blinded by 'experts' over common sense and remember that so many great things have never come to pass because people let doubts grow.2) Be prepared to fail with confidenceSelf-confidence gives you the freedom to make mistakes and cope with failure without feeling that your world has come to an end or that you are a worthless person.
It has more to do with relaxing with the certainty that you can handle uncertainty, even if that means some kind of failure. Real self-confidence imbues you with an overriding sense of "whatever happens, I'll be okay!" It's bigger than both success and failure.3) Focus on your strengthsIt's so easy to dismiss or forget what you've achieved, what you're good at, your personal positive attributes. Don't dismiss things because they seem natural or easy to you: "Oh, anyone can bake a cake, write a piano concerto, help make an upset friend feel better, make others laugh!"Write a list now of absolutely everything you know you can do either well or just proficiently.
Whatever audience you’re making for, its often the making that heals, not necessarily the sharing.If you’re currently struggling with or have ever in your life struggled with self-confidence, Go create something and document what you feel.

It will build your self-confidence and can be fun in the process.I am here to support you in your journey and I am grateful for you.
They worry about how they'll cope with humiliation, defeat, failure, or being thought of as weird or 'a loser'. Ah, now we have something specific to work with!For the purposes of this auticle (and increasing your self-confidence), write down one very specific type of situation in which you'd like to feel confident.2) Build your own self-confidence blueprintSo many people focus on what they don't want. Misusing the imagination to rehearse feeling bad about yourself is a fast-track route to self-doubt. Get into the habit of doing the opposite.Think about when you want to feel confident specifically. Learn about what confident people do, how they see the world.Think carefully about how they would live your life if they were in your situation and circumstances.
There is a great and powerful hypnotic confidence-building activity I'd like to share with you:Close your eyes and focus on what it is you'd like to do with confidence.
Write a 'short story' of maybe 800 words about someone in your position, living your life, making a series of very self-confident decisions and taking confident action. Walk tall, smile, and consciously (until it becomes an unconscious habit) focus on physically inhabiting what it means to be confident. And standing up straight (as a supremely confident person would) will help get you feeling as confident as your body looks.5) Set yourself confidence-building activities and tasksWe all need to stretch ourselves to develop.
Then next day make a promise to yourself that you'll complete the self-confidence task you'd set yourself.And do it! When you've done this every day, even for just a week, you'll be amazed just how your self-confidence has been allowed to grow in such a short amount of time.

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