On closer inspection I noticed the the money angel was Craig and he had transferred real cash to take out the debt once and for all. Looked at the credit cards with the highest interest rates and started paying them off first. Every bonus that came our way we put on the card: it was these tax returns that really helped us wipe out our credit cards. We also now feel confident to use our credit cards for spending to get our frequent flyer perks.
I can’t wait for the day you can look in your bank account and be surprised with how clever you have been in paying off your credit card debts.

Do not ever use these bonuses for plasma TV’s, designer wardrobes, or luxury holidays unless you have no debt or financial commitments. For our last card we moved the balance over to another credit card that had interest free for 6 months. I get so annoyed that it is not taught at schools, it should be high up on the essential curriculum list as it is now a basic need. I had no idea how to get out of it, but after looking in my bank account last week I somehow found a way. A bucket for tax (with a high savings interest rate) a savings bucket, business expense bucket, everyday expense bucket (we use ING Direct card which gives us 5% cash back on purchases) and a dream bucket.

That good energy we put into doing something to help reduce the debt, brought the means and confidence to take the sucker down!!

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