Your work week starts and you find yourself running around frantically on a lot of work stuff you need to finish. The stress we need to endure in the workplace also contributes to our unhealthy eating in the workplace. Follow these tips and you will be able to maintain a healthy working environment with less stress and a much healthier version of you. The easiest way to make bringing your lunch to work a habit is to pack your meal the night before.
According to the American Dietetic Association, more than 70 percent of working Americans eat lunch at their desks several times each week. Kwavi AgbeyegbeKwavi Agbeyegbe is a Lifestyle Coach that specializes in weight loss and healthy living. Everyday of the work week feels like a grind consisting of preparing reports, running office errands, attending staff meetings and project planning. Throwing a fruit or two in your bag will greatly help in snacking in between meals especially when your work hard at the office.
Instead of storing chocolate bars and chips on your drawers try to find some healthy alternatives like nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds and dried fruits.

Or, even better, make a large batch of your favorite healthy dish on the weekend and divide it up to create an entire week of easy, premade midday meals. Unfortunately, this practice can lead to mindless eating and the consumption of excess calories.
It’s important to allow yourself the occasional indulgence if you want to develop a healthy eating habit you can maintain for life. On the 8 hours shift we stay in the office we rarely have time to grab something healthy to eat and most of the time we resort to the vending machine for that chocolate bar hoping it will give us the necessary energy boost to finish the workload for the day. While it’s essential for most of us to work if we want to maintain a healthy (financial) bottom line, all that time in the office can take its toll on our (actual) waistline.
If your workplace is celebrating a promotion, wedding, new baby or another success with a sweet treat, don’t hesitate to join in. This familiar scenario often happens to everyone in the workplace and we all experience getting a bite on the go almost very often we lose the experience of a delicious, tasty and sumptuous meal. Colleagues who always order takeout for lunch, vending machines that are full of junk food, and break rooms stocked with donuts and other sugary baked goods—all of these things can make sticking to a healthy diet challenging to say the least. It should be easier than it is, but the reality is that most of us live and work in environments saturated with food cues that tell us to eat a lot, all the time.

Maybe there’s a cafeteria or a small kitchen or it’s customary to skip a joint lunch and everyone eats alone.Each of these scenarios will have a different effect on your ability to eat healthy at work. While you’re adjusting to its social customs, check to see what options you have, and only if you must, bring food from home even if no one else is.You can use this time to decide whether you’re returning to your old eating habits or adjusting your new ones in ways that fit into your new workplace.Eating Healthy on the Road Congratulations!
If you’re used to microwaving food from home, or eating a good lunch at the office cafeteria, these solutions are now impossible.It used to be that one of the best things you could do for yourself was never buy food where you buy gas. If you look carefully, you can often find healthy food at a gas station:fresh fruittrail mix that is actually nuts and dried fruits (just drink plenty of water with it to help plump up the fruit so it fills your tummy)yogurt with sweeteners on the side, so you don’t get a huge dose of sugar(real) cheese, hard-boiled eggspeanut butter (and not the “low-fat” stuff: it’s peanut butter!
If you know your options for a nourishing lunch are limited, and a big meal might make you too sleepy for driving, you might be better bringing your snacks with you and saving the large meal for the end of the day when you get back from work.Dealing With Endless Meetings Sometimes the workplace doesn’t change at all, but your work does.

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