Through meditation, the consequences of stress are reversed and patients suffering from chronic infections are seen to respond better to medication and that they also enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing. Following Simple Meditation Techniques, individuals are shown to experience lower blood pressure, because the calm conditions once the meditation is performed leads to a decrease in the heart rate.
If you’re worried by the ageing process, particularly in regards to the mind, then the follow of meditation is very counseled as those who undertake regular meditation are shown to age less quickly, and have their minds operating with higher capacity even in their later years. Many people today are aware that meditation is good for improving health, creativity, longevity, social relations, and many other areas of life. Most of the scientific research on the benefits of meditation over the years has focused on the Transcendental Meditation technique. The benefits of Transcendental Meditation are innumerable to the point of almost unbelievable. Research has found that TM practice has a truly holistic effect on health, including normalization of hormone levels and blood pressure, and measurable improvements in diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular health, and brain functioning.

Over 600 scientific research studies have verified the health benefits of TM practice—the National Institutes of Health has given over $26 million in research grants to scientists over the past 20 years to further study the technique’s health effects. I've talked a bit on and off since I began writing several years ago about how meditation has helped me in my life. The easiest way to deal with the thought issue is actually also the easiest way to get started meditating - using guided meditation.
Guided meditation is exactly what it sounds like - someone talks you through what you should be focusing on. The reason to this is because the regular follow of meditation lowers cortisol, a hormone that’s related to enlarged ageing of the brain. However, different meditation techniques offer different benefits, and more research is needed comparing the various techniques. Over 600 studies in the past 40 years have enumerated and validated the universal benefits of practicing TM across different populations, age groups, occupations, etc.

This deep, healing rest allows accumulated knots of emotional and physical stress to be released. The body starts to maintain a more rested, calm, and energetic style of functioning even outside of meditation, making us more resilient to stress.
While Buddhism created what we refer to today as meditation, most religions and philosophies around the world utilize some form of meditation. They have short meditations to ones last half an hour on a ton of different subjects from pain and illness to sleep to dealing with difficult emotions. You can meditate using just a timer as well once you feel comfortable with guided meditation and want to move on to solo.

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