When you are depressed, you probably have developed many beliefs such as “Nothing is good in my life”,”People are disappointing”, “Good things only happen to other people.” Write the beliefs that you have from the positive as well as the negative memory. When you are doing the visualization exercise, don’t dwell on the negative memory longer than the positive. Some people who are negative, pessimistic, and get depressed pride themselves on being realistic.

In this article, you will be given tools to help you identify which memories are unresolved and how you can use simple thinking tools to heal your depression.
Compare the beliefs and see if any beliefs from the positive memory contradict the belief from the negative. Apply the techniques and you not only can eliminate depression, but you will feel empowered that you can control your thinking and consequentially control your feelings.

Then visualize the negative memory for five to ten minutes, then switch back to the positive memory.

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