In fact the medical profession will sue anyone using the word “cure” in any way because they have a “trademark” on that word.
Many real doctors of the health profession, who are the real teachers teaching health, have been persecuted and labeled “quacks” by many in the medical profession. Causing a disease is not a very interesting way to survive life, unless it inspires you to change and obey Nature's genetic, evolutionary and environmental laws.  Real doctors are health professional teachers and what they teach is how to heal yourself.
Healthy is an action word, a verb; it literally means “heal-thy mind” and “heal-thy body” because only you can heal yourself. Find the guidance from a real health professional, a doctor or teacher, who instructs you how to recreate and regain your natural health.

In fact Hippocrates is known to have said, “Food is your best medicine.”There are a lot of classic books on natural health that are constantly being reprinted.
Howell observed in the 1930’s and 1940’s, working at a health sanitarian, that patients who ate raw foods had greater vitality and wellness than those who consumed cooked foods, even with vitamin supplementation. He concluded there was something present in the raw food other than vitamins and minerals, which played a vital role in maintaining human health. This therapy is about giving massive amounts of energy and nutrients in the form of uncooked vegetable juices to nourish the body's own healing processes. Henry Bieler MD in 1965 published his book “Food Is Your Best Medicine,” which is a compilation of over fifty years of work treating disease by diet.

Bieler's reputation of success, using diet to treat disease, attracted numerous celebrity patients. Isaac Jennings, who after practicing traditional medicine for 20 years in Derby, Connecticut, began formulating his ideas about health in 1822.
This evidence is the observation that ill animals will rest and fast, except for water, when they are sick.The year 1939 was a great year for published health books, not only did Dr.

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