Intimacy Meditation - Audio MP3An exquisitely crafted intimacy meditation to help couples enjoy deep emotional and physical intimacy in a loving relationship. This guided erotic audio mp3 will help you experience deep emotional and sexual connection.  The erotic meditation is sensual, spiritual, and deeply sexual.
Success and Confidence Meditation - Audio MP3Attaining success is a matter of having the right mindset. Better Living Meditation Series Package - 5 Audio MP3sThe Better Living Meditation series contains ConnectionAudio's Happiness, Relaxation, Anxiety Relief, Success, and Intimacy meditations. Because the theme of this meditation is designed for those in mature relationships, there can be confusion about the nature of this guided imagery meditation. This meditation will help you transcend those deep-seated feelings of guilt and inadequacy, and will re-center your sexual and spiritual self to appreciate and marvel at the perfection of your own sexuality as a miraculous manifestation of divine intention and love. Using this meditation, you will discover the deep spiritual healing, connectedness, transformation, beauty, wonder, ecstasy, acceptance, joy, light, and happiness that conscious sexuality brings. Here we will be talking about Guided Meditations, which are almost certainly the most effective way how to meditate. To go to any of the FREE Guided Meditation scripts below - just click on the name of the one you want to see.

This is the first one in this series, so I have started off with an easy meditation, that focuses on relaxation. As I mentioned above, on this page I have created a Completely Free Guided Meditation MP3 Download for you as a sort of free sample.It is a full-length powerful Guided Meditation, that will give you a more complete idea about my other Pre-Recorded Guided meditations.For full information and the direct download link to get this meditation, click on the link above - an unrepeatable and unbeatable offer !! I created this relaxation meditation for dealing with chemotherapy and I hope it helps you. BRAINSYNC meditation CDs and guided imagery techniques are proven to significantly improve mental performance. Guided visualization is a relaxing, empowering, and helpful mind tool for manifesting what you want. We have chosen to include the transcript of the meditation below, in order to allay concerns about explicit or pornographic content. This meditation will explore the spiritual essence of your sexuality, and awaken your soul to the fullness of yourself.
While your conscious mind sleeps, your subconscious intelligence will absorb all of the benefits of this meditation. Because colors play such an important role, using color as an introduction to meditation, and as an actual "color meditation," is always enjoyable and effective.

This meditation can be a useful cure for this condition -without having to resort to taking drugs of one kind or another. You may use this meditation alone, by yourself, to deepen your individual spiritual practice and sexual identity. These can usually be helped quite effectively by using meditation of this kind - it is also a unique way of approaching pain - as you will see. You will gain immediate benefit from just one listening, and you will discover new depths of your essence and new meaningfulness in your consciousness with each subsequent meditation. You choose the time and place and frequency of when you meditate, without having to be dependent on someone else to read the meditation to you.5. If you become aroused, allow your desire to build in order to experience the full benefit of this meditation.

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