Some familiarity with basic introduction to Buddhist view, meditation, and practice is recommended before reading these books. This book represents a significant milestone in revealing these profound mysteries to the contemporary world. Mahamudra is a Sanskrit word that means union of bliss and emptiness, the very essence of Buddhist Tantric meditation.
Mahamudra Tantra is a practical manual for gaining deep experience of meditation and discovering the peace and happiness that lies within.
It introduces the profound subject of Tantric meditation with extraordinary clarity, making these practices extremely accessible.

The instructions on the eleven yogas of generation stage teach how we can create for ourselves a new enlightened world through meditation. The detailed explanations of completion stage explain how to then consolidate that experience through further meditation and achieve the ultimate realization of permanent inner peace and the power to benefit all living beings.
Great Treasury of Merit is a commentary to a sublime practice called Offering to the Spiritual Guide, which is performed publicly twice a month in all Kadampa Buddhist centers, and often daily by individual practitioners. In giving a line-by-line commentary to the practice, Geshe Kelsang explains the essential stages of the path of Sutra and Tantra and shows how we can greatly increase the efficacy of our meditations by relying sincerely upon a qualified Spiritual Guide. This book is a comprehensive manual for the Heruka practitioner, containing a clear explanation of both the generation and completion stages, along with all the sadhanas and other ritual instructions necessary to engage in the practice.

Clear Light of Bliss is an advanced Tantric meditation manual that reveals the most profound secrets of the ancient yogis and makes their blissful experience accessible to the modern world. It introduces in great detail the elements of the subtle body – the channels (nadi), winds (vayu), and drops (bindu) – and shows how they can be purified through meditation. By training in the generation and completion stages of Heruka Tantra, and in particular by training in the uncommon body mandala practice taught in this book, we can swiftly attain a sublime realization of profound inner peace and great bliss that we naturally impart to others.

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