Attempt to align your goals so that they become mutually supportive rather than in conflict with each other.
For example, modifying your lifestyle could lead to one that enables greater outdoor activities and helps to achieve a personal physical fitness goal.
Set one short-range goal, one mid-range goal and one long-range goal for each area of your life that is important to you!
Once you've identified your objectives, take and turn them into full blown goal statements complete with action plans, resources and motivation strategy.

Whereas, spending all your available time pursuing one goal leaves little energy left for anything else that’s important to you. For example, if you only set goals for your work life, then you will become very accomplished in that arena.
For example, you've heard people, in their later years, say that they wish they had started investing for their future earlier in life, even if it were just a couple of dollars a month. By taking action now, you'll succeed in achieving your goal that may be set for 30 years from now.

Quotes to achieve goals in life
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