A recent Forbes magazine article discusses various methods to get out of troublesome credit card debt. Balance transfers are quite common and a way for competing banks to acquire the credit card debt of their rivals. There is a way however to get out of credit card debt and pay much less than 100% of what is a road, and that is debt settlement. Debt settlement performed by a qualified attorney can often result in paying back only a fraction of the balance owed.

There is usually a fee for balance transfers and in the end the customer must still pay off 100% of the debt owed. If you are burdened by credit card debt that won’t go away, contact a qualified debt settlement attorney today and learn more about this option to eliminate debt. The article discusses many different methods to get out of credit card debt including balance transfers, personal loans, and eliminating all credit cards by canceling them and paying them off in full. Usually this loan is at a lower and fixed interest rate made by a bank or through a home loan such as a second mortgage or cash out refinance.

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