On the contrary, exercising can actually improve and help with existing conditions like arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions and more. Again, studies show that joints can be strengthened and muscle gained later in life, even if you have not been doing anything regularly prior to starting an exercise program. Truthfully, falls are one of the main reasons why older adults end up in a hospital with broken hips or bone fractures. And with the ‘Seasonal New Year’ there are some small changes - see below in Tryfoss Clinic Information for details. Winter is a great time to get out and have fun and to stay active this season you need to stay happy, well and flu virus free. For those of you more at home with supplements than fruit and vegetables, an effective way to increase your intake of Vitamin C without stomach upsets and loose stools is to mix 2000-5000mg (Adult dose) Vitamin C powder into 1 litre of filtered water and sip it during the day. For those of you who embrace the Winter Yuletide festivities and refuse to entertain even the faintest possibility of catching a flu - here is our Mulled Wine Recipe and subsequent Hang-Over Cure - by request. If you need a tonic as a preventative (or you catch a flu and need one for treatment) I can make one for you.
I am not booking any appointments for this period, prior to July, as some of my travel details are yet to be finalised. Credible organizations have proven that adults in their 70’s and 80’s and yes even 90’s can improve their fitness and gain muscle with a weight training program. Always check with your doctor first, but most adults will reap the benefits of improved health and may even be able to reduce or eliminate some medications due to their improved condition. Starting an exercise program that will strengthen your muscles and joints not only leads to reduced incidences of falls and bone breaks.

After the age of 30 the number starts to decrease to about two per year (there is a definite upside to getting older!!) So, now that I have you feeling less than optimistic, what should you do for treatment if a cold snags you…..
For you risk takers…think of it like a healthier version of touching your nose or walking a straight line - please be careful with sharp knives or get a friend to help). If you have recently been to clinic and I have all your current information, you can just ring ahead and we probably won’t need to bring you in for a consultation. The MS Walkathon helps raise awareness, support and money for the much needed research into Multiple Sclerosis. With the help of extensive water harvesting earthworks, tree-crops plantings, food forests, animal systems and good design, Milkwood is being transformed from a pocket of clapped-out, dried up sheep country into an example of how Permaculture principles can be applied to produce a productive, fecund, resilient and beautiful small-holding with plenty of water and biodiversity, and dripping with good food, all year round.
All information offered in this newsletter is for general interest only and is NOT to take the place of recommendations by qualified health practitioners with access to your complete medical history.
There are numerous new stories on older adult competitive athletes running races and doing triathlons! There are programs for older adults that have chair exercises that allow adults to improve over time. If walking is difficult, there are plenty of programs that help older adults work their body from a wheel chair, for example. The reason for many of these falls and breaks is because a person has NOT strengthened the body.
The benefits of a good nights sleep should never be under-rated, it's when your body gets a chance to repair and build up those components necessary for the next days onslaught! Generally we all head straight for oranges, however other juices such as pineapple and grapefruit are very useful. However, it is advisable to seek professional advice before self-administering these as some may not be suitable for your particular condition or clash nastily with any existing medication you are taking.

Patients can also be given this as part of a maintenance program to prevent sinus build-up, or as a preventative for colds during winter and changes of season. Bring to the boil with the lid on, then simmer for 30 minutes, occasionally mashing the garlic and lemon with a potato masher while simmering. If however, I have not seen you for a while and there are some gaps I need to know about, a short 30 minute consultation should be sufficient to get us up to speed. Yes, I have been exercising for over 30 years but I never use my age as an excuse not to try harder and challenge myself. If you are caring for a child with a cold, PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS every time you have to wipe their nose.
The best way to get Vitamin D is to be outside for as little as 5 - 10 minutes without sun block, as this inhibits the body's ability to absorb this essential little vitamin. Always be sure to learn from an accredited trainer who is certified and has advanced education training older adults. If you exercise regularly, you should definitely cut back on the intensity until you feel better. Two old standards, Chamomile and Peppermint are very useful for clearing and warming the sinuses.
Don't stop at chicken soup, be creative with soups and casseroles that utilise a range of legumes and root vegetables, and don't forget to keep up your intake of raw fruit and vegetables to help your body build and maintain the necessary white blood cells.

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