As for my savings, I made it through 3 years of law school without cable or internet in my home. I think I or we have done most of these things in the past as either a way to cut expenses or simply to save more money. Our food budget has stayed more or less the same because we did up the quality of certain foods we eat but my husband saves a lot of money by growing a beard!
I haven’t had a hair cut since Christmas and I usually only get one every six months or so, and when I get one, I opt for a cheap $25 or less hair cut.

The most extreme thing we do is probably renting out a room, or maybe riding a scooter to save on gas money. It can be really hard to cut back expenses, particularly things like charitable giving or kid’s allowance (or earning money opportunities!).
One of the things I’ve stopped doing all in the name of savings is getting my nails done. Also, I totally understand why you would sign up for Netflix again, it’s a great way to save money on entertainment if you think about it (going to the movies is much more expensive).

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