We want to introduce meditation as a practical and easy tool to tune out the chatter and check-in with yourself for more awareness, presence, and peace. Raja Yoga Meditation is based on a coherent exploration of the nature and qualities of the soul and the divine. All workshops and retreats at Anubhuti are made possible by the generosity and contributions of the participants. Through discussion, meditation and reflection, creative activity and exercises, this day retreat will take you on a journey to explore the power and influence of thought and the impact of positive attitudes. Facilitator: Sally Fitts, LCSW, is a Raja Yoga Meditation teacher, professional counselor in private practice and certified Nurtured Heart Trainer. Some of our Zen retreats ('sesshin') follow closely the traditional methods of teaching and practice, and others such as our 'Western Zen Retreat' include adaptations to match the Western mind.
Silent Illumination is a profound meditation practice which leads to a mind of great calmness and insight, using ancient Chinese Zen methods which are just as applicable to the modern West.
Manchester Chan Group day retreats ("zazenkai") are led by Simon Child Chuan-fa Jing-hong who is a Dharma heir of Chan Master Sheng-yen.
The ancient Chinese Zen practices of investigating Huatou and Gongan (Koan) are best practised in a supportive environment such as this intensive silent retreat.

This workshop retreat will encourage everyday awareness as a fundamental Chan life practice.
The noble art of silent meditation is a powerful tool to unlock the highest potential of human life and there is no greater gift to give yourself than spending time in silence and deep reflection to open the doors to your life’s purpose.
These sessions are the foundation of the retreat and are a rare opportunity to completely immerse into silent stillness.
For those wishing to live ON-SITE you can enjoy the comfort, luxury, and peace of our amazing retreat venue at one of the most affordable prices worldwide. An 'interview' is a private conversation about your meditation practice and any difficulties you are experiencing with it with one of our experienced retreat leaders. Silent Illumination is the origin of the Japanese Soto practice of Shikantaza but is approached somewhat differently and full instruction will be given.This seven-night silent retreat is an opportunity to learn and deepen this practice through intensive meditation, with instruction and personal guidance by individual interviews with an experienced teacher.
We will offer individual and group work to develop mindfulness allowing time for exploration and understanding of individual experience through the lens of meditation. A natural born mystic, vedic priest, astrologer and ayurvedic medicinal healer he facilitates yoga teacher’s trainings, vedic sacred arts workshops and discourses regularly in spiritual retreat centers around the world. Fern combines movement, breathing and meditation to facilitate the integration of soul and body, which helps to ease into a state of health and wellness.

Harsha specializes in creating a very calm and clear environment for others to experience deep meditation and insights. A Stress–Free Living seminar can free you from these illusions and misconceptions and give you a new light and perspective. Rising early each day, the retreat will also include teaching, silence, interviews and periods for exercise.Open equally to beginners and established meditators. This enables you to get the most out of your retreat by ensuring that you are meditating effectively and adjusting your practice according to your individual experience and circumstances. If you need to spend some time slowing down, clarifying your purpose in the world, or want to go deep within, these free silent meditation retreats are perfect for you.
Our retreats tailor to both beginner and intermediate students who are interested in the yogic approach to spiritual liberation.  These courses provide a strong foundation in which you can continue a meditation and pranayama practice at home.
In addition to 3 sessions of meditation daily, our Silent Meditation Retreats also feature a gentle Hatha Yoga class in the morning that may include Yin Yoga as well as restorative postures, Yoga Nidra (Pyschic Sleep) in the afternoon, as well as evening Dharma Talks.

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