If you feel stuck dealing with certain boring obligations, keep in mind you are not meant to be living life according to other people’s plans for you so don’t feel obligated to do things that go against the grain of who you are! Feeling this way once in a while is a normal part of the ups and downs of life; but if you notice that you are feeling blue more often than you are feeling happy, you may be developing a case of depression. A case of the blues can be cured very quickly by helping people less fortunate than you, or by doing a community service.

You know that feeling down doesn’t feel good so you can be stubborn and refuse to give in to the negative vibes! There is a difference between being bored and being depressed, but the effects are similar: feeling lethargic, not caring, feeling unable to even start a project, etc. Chances are, once the initial learning phase is over (in any activity), you’re reasonably proficient at it and you’ve mastered the challenges, you will feel bored.

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