Watching Extreme Cheapskates also reminded me of a number of frugal things that my family did when I was growing up.
I wouldn’t call us frugal, but we try our best not to buy things new unless its necessarily or not sanitary to buy it used.
I really like the show because it reminds me not to be too frugal, and not to get lost in the details of life while losing sight of the big picture.
If you thought those cheapskate friends and relatives couldn't pinch pennies any tighter, think again. What surprises frugality bloggers is that many cheapskates such as VanDeventer haven't lost their jobs and are not in danger of losing their homes.

Jeff Yeager, author of The Ultimate Cheapskate's Roadmap to True Riches, sees a silver lining to the economic downturn. Unlike many big spenders during the boom years, he says he and other cheapskates are "sleeping easy" these days. This guy is putting his laundry in with other people’s and going to clinical trials to save on medical bills haha I would say I am careful with how I spend my money, but they are definitely way more extreme then I am!
A self-proclaimed cheapskate, he has spent no more than $100 over the past five years on clothing for himself and won't throw anything out until it literally falls apart.
It basically profiles people who are super frugal and shows just how far they’ll go to save (literally) a penny.

What intrigued McCoy was the interest among frugal folks to save even more money by making their own detergent and other household goods.
My dad, however, was a bit more “extreme” with his frugality (although, it was NOTHING like what I watched on TV over the weekend).

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