The single most important step when you make the decision to take your health into your own hands is to eat healthy.
This Clean Eating Grocery List follows HASfit’s meal plans and outlines the essential foods for maintaining a healthy diet.  We want you to eat a variety of whole grains, produce, organic in some cases, lean protein, nonfat dairy, and healthy fats. Seeds and Nuts – healthy nuts and seeds offer Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for brain function and cardiovascular health.

Oils and Condiments – aside from adding flavor, some condiments and oils can add to your overall health such as olive oil which is high in good fats and offers wonderful flavor that can be used to make your own dressings. Claudia has made it her life's mission to spread the message that eating clean doesn't have to be a sacrifice.
Clean eating also means avoiding processed foods such as white flour, sugar, juice, sodas, alcohol, trans fats, and bad saturated fats (read about the difference here).

She's been blessed with the God-given ability to turn classic recipes into healthy meals your family will love.

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