If your meditation space prevents you from making a noise, you can do this silent alternative: In the third stage the sound "Hoo!" can be hammered silently inside.
Uma das mais famosas meditacoes desenvolvidas por Osho e uma das mais poderosas em termos de catarse e centramento.
Meditation is used to describe practices that self-regulate the body and mind, thereby affecting mental events by engaging a specific attentional set….
To be expressed in a safe manner, before the effects of meditation are felt become necessary.

One such technique is OSHO Dynamic Meditation which approaches meditation in an indirect way by removing stress and tension through movement and activity. In this meditation chaos is expressed through dynamic movement and activity prior to inactivity, relaxation and meditation. Investigating the effects of 7 day participation in OSHO Dynamic Meditation on clinical and corporate variables. Participants came to the meditation space each day at the same time and engaged in OSHO Dynamic Meditation.

A "Dynamic Meditation" deve ser feita ao iniciar o dia, preferencialmente as 6 da manha, em jejum e usando roupas leves e confortaveis.

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