Ambassadors For Jesus - Love the message as it is viewed in light of our primary source being our Lord.  You may also see the value it has in our relationship with Him. I asked him if it would be ok to use his thoughts from time to time in my blogs and he said it would be fine.      John pointed out the tremendous commitment Jacob made to be with the woman he loved. It seems love and such matters are being discussed a lot at this time.  We have been created by God with a deep need for intimacy. All of us should be comforted to know that no relationship has automatic intimacy.  The second major deception concerning intimacy is that sex produces intimacy.

More important than anything else is the sharing of our hearts through open and honest communication.      In addition, we must also have meaningful time together regularly, as well as share experiences, friends, etc. On the other hand, intimacy occurs when we surrender our individual selves to the common good of our marriage or relationship.  This is the way we fall in love, and it’s one of the secrets to staying in love.
An intimate couple’s partnership begins with a strong and regular expression of commitment, an atmosphere of regular, positive exchange.      We bond with the source that meets our needs.
This helps lead to true intimacy, which can make all the difference in true commitment.  Yes, I think Jacob knew what intimacy and commitment were all about.

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