The memorization system will aid the child in forming a habit of attention and retention of the scripture, poetry, and more.
Ask a Child to Read: “I suppose no one had more or greater experiences regarding the protection which comes from wearing the whole armor of God than did Daniel. Let’s sing a primary song, Nephi’s Courage, which will help us understand this even better.
For over 4,000 years, the people of China have looked to Gung Fu as a way to develop self mastery and achieve the personal power to win in life! You will find yourself increase daily, as you consistently train, in confidence, energy, and spirit! Again, more than any other activity, Wu Shen Pai Chu’an Fa Gung Fu gives you the capacity to explore your own innate powers. These are just three of the energizing values that you will experience as you grow in self mastery within our Black Sash Training Program.

Powerful Self Control: You will refuse to give in to the old patterns of behavior that resulted in getting nowhere in life. Fearless Self Confidence: You will build the courage to open any door that life has to offer.
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As with the other subjects, the more your children have in common, the more likely that they will choose to be friends in addition to being siblings. You learn to take on the challenge of learning the more difficult Wu Shen Pai forms and techniques.
Ask the child to join in the recitation.  Continuing the two or three daily recitations, you will begin to see the child confidently recite the selections. Building consistently accurate and complicated, beautiful language patterns, knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, great poetry, and a store of gospel doctrine, the child develops his intellect and character.

If the child doesn’t develop a solid testimony and chooses rebellion, real trouble could result. With this topical journey through scripture, each will develop testimonial confidence not often found in someone young children or for that matter most adults. We also found that doing scripture study around the dining room table compared to sprawled out on the living room floor was more conducive to paying attention.

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