As a teen my destructive behavior consisted of spending whole days in front of the computer, overeating, and totally avoiding any physical activity. Instead, strive to replace your destructive habits with constructive ones and after a while you will never want things to go back to the way they were!
Ever since becoming a Christian and understanding the impact of generational spiritual strongholds on self-destructive behaviours, I realize that unless we deal with these issues in the spiritual realm, the spiritual roots of such behaviours remain.
The authors observe that the companion animal environment often fails to address basic psychological and biological needs of companion birds, causing stress-related feather destructive behavior.

Feeling guilty or hating yourself for it will actually give you more reasons and drive to continue behaving self-destructively. Whatever the roots of your self-abusive behavior may be, identifying and dealing with them will do you a world of good and make the process much more effective and sustainable. You are so right about the consequences of self-destructive behaviour- if one does not face the real driving forces that are at the root of such behaviours, they can literally destroy one’s life.
They note that complete remission of established feather destructive behavior can be difficult to achieve, and encourage veterinarians to incorporate more education of guardians about bird needs into veterinary visits.

When you stop feeling helpless, and start taking charge of your life you wouldn’t need to turn to destructive behavior anymore.

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