Do you have an area in your home that you know is seriously overstocked like Deb’s and my craft rooms used to be.
Declutter something you have kept just because you have the room for it but don’t love it or use it. Hi Donna B, the room did look great, but too much stuff is too much stuff when you have to organise it, store it and clean around it.

When Deb sent me these photos some time ago, she said she was only at the midway point of decluttering this area but WOW what a difference she had made already. I am sure with the same patient 365 approach to decluttering your spaces will begin to start looking just the way you want them to.
At present I have room for them in my reduced craft storage area though and I do get occasional commissions.

As you can see, from these photos and ones on the 365 Before and After page, gradual decluttering of an area can make a huge difference over time.

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