I came up with a few quick declutter wins but also decided I just had to tackle some of the big jobs that were driving me crazy.
And the good news was that some of the biggies were actually really quick wins and created loads of space … and mental headroom!
And spare duvets were rammed everywhere … in cupboards, under beds, in the top of wardrobes … absolutely anywhere I could find space and boy oh boy do duvet needs space!
I can now easily change a bed without pulling everything out onto the floor AND AND AND I freed up a big cupboard, two drawers and a load of space under my bed.

Without getting rid of any toys we were able to put everything away for the first time in ages and all those pesky little pieces were safe in their bag rather than scattered all over the floor!
I used A5, A4 and a few A3 wallets (for big games like Kerplunk) from Snopake but Amico also have a wide range available in all sorts of sizes and colours.
Again, they might not take up an enormous amount of space, but it’s critical space in the bathroom and they make it impossible to find things you actually do use.
I can’t even begin to describe how much time and mental energy I have saved every morning, now I can actually find my mascara and my hair brush without emptying the draw out.

The box conundrum — I hate using zip-top kitchen bags, because they’re not so sturdy and we always have boxes breaking easily! I chucked loads and gave myself 3 weeks to finish off all those almost finished bottles before they had to go.

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