For the first few busy years, we kept pushing off the decluttering that so desperately needed to happen. Oh and I also found crazy things when I was decluttering that I am planning on sharing with ya'll. But luckily, as if sent by the decluttering gods, my path crossed with Peter Walsh’s when Rodale employees received an offer to test out the groundbreaking decluttering program outlined in his book, Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight.
I've heard a lot of different ways friends, family, and bloggers declutter and simplify their house.

For example, I just decluttered the TV cabinet so I pulled out all the DVDs, wires, games, etc. If you have a difficult time knowing where to start decluttering, try using the ratio rule to clear excess movies. It really does help to have an outline wrote out of how you will accomplish your decluttering mission tho. If you are anything like me, you might start pulling stuff out of a drawer in the kitchen, then decluttering the TV cabinet in the living room, then sorting some clothes out of the dresser.

Peter says he’s seen homes where every receipt and paid bill for the previous 10 years is strewn throughout the house.

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