When we put in our new flooring last year, I had to come to terms with my huge problem of book hoarding. Oh my I definitely need to dig out all my boxed up books and declutter them before putting them up into the new bookcase that my husband has on his to do list to build lol. I have started reading ebooks and if a book really pulls at my heart strings I will purchase it in hardcopy for my library. In a period of one week, I had five new declutter clients, all with different reasons for the clutter problems in their homes. Michelle Stewart, author of Declutter Your Life, draws on her professional and personal experiences to craft an easy-to-follow e-book on reducing clutter in all aspects of your life. Whether the piles of stuff in your dining and bedroom areas are beginning to drive you crazy or you know you need to make some changes to your office space, this book can help.
Keep in mind that this book is normally priced at $2.99, so you’ll definitely want to download it before the price goes back up! Remember, although this book is intended for the Amazon Kindle, you can always download a free program that will allow you to read Kindle books right on your PC, iPad, iPhone, Mac or Blackberry! So, in honor of decluttering our houses and hearts, I’m giving away THREE copies of Over-Stuffed. We thougt we did a pretty good job decluttering three years ago, right before an international move…but it appears that it is all catching up with us again. I haven’t moved in 27 years, and I have a hard time getting rid of things anyway, so I would be grateful for the encouragement to declutter. Next week I will be having a downloadable ebook available for you that will help you declutter your home in half a years time!!!
I will be offering the download to you so that you can have it in your hands ready to work at it when you can.  I will also be doing a weekly series to go along with the book to help you as you declutter your life, I will share how I declutter my own.

If you are tired of looking at your home in the condition it is in and NEED a change, look for the book next week.  I am excited for this. I’m so excited about this book because, after the last year of decluttering myself (to get ready for a move), I know first-hand how daunting the process can be. I began working every day for 10 minutes on decluttering and organizing a space — a cabinet, a couple of drawers, a few shelves, a section of my closet. If you’re ready to tackle your clutter using a method that is easy to follow and stress-free, grab a copy of the 10-Minute Declutter at this great price, and let us help you get your house in order.
She is a self-publishing author with 10 books and counting, and teaches others how to publish and market their books at Authority Pub Academy. Seuss, adventure stories like Hatchet, and board books that I could share with my son in the coming years.
Focus on the size you want your collection to be, and pull out every book you know you won’t read again (or ever). I have SO MANY books, and honestly there are so many more categories I am inclined to pare down before I tackle the books. There is no space for anymore books, but I seem to stack them and find innovative ways to stuff my bookshelves. If you are tired all the time because you never have a minute to yourself or you cannot fall asleep due to racing thoughts about what you need to do the next day, this book can help.
I really need to declutter and organize ad hope to make it, with Gods, yours and my husbands help. Once you create a daily decluttering habit, it becomes second nature, and before you know it your house is streamlined and organized with your most essential, meaningful items.
We cover all of that in the book, and even offer a detailed supply list with links if you want to get certain products.

Books that are stacked in boxes are easier to unintentionally hold onto than books on a shelf. Digging through the stacks of books I’d pulled, I made collections of books for all sorts of friends and family members. Declutter Your Life is full of tips for decluttering specific physical and mental areas and Stewart provides advice that can be implemented with a minimal amount of time and money. So when I heard she had put this book together chronicling their experience with cutting out the stuff, I knew she was standing on solid spiritual ground.
We also teach you how to create the habit of decluttering so it is an automatic part of your day. They don’t have the budget for books like her students need, so she shops at the used bookstore. With information on how to get the entire family involved in decluttering, this is the perfect manual for living a clutter-free life. After this article, I feel good about pulling out all of those fiction books that were good one time, but not good leftovers. I can take them to the resale book store and maybe find books I can put in my school library, (I am a librarian.), this could be really fun!

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